Super Easy DIY Sock Puppet Toddler Craft Activity

My 22-month-old and I recently visited a local indoor play lounge where he was able to freely play in a safe environment while I got some work done thanks to their free WiFi. During our visit, he also got to create a pumpkin using felt stickers and a paper plate and he even made his very own sock puppet! These crafts were included with the price of admission for a day of play, but best of all, my baby boy was able to create something of his own and do a hands-on activity.

DIY Sock Puppet for a ToddlerPhoto © Melanie Edwards/


I admit that though baby boy is home with me every day, we don’t often do hands-on activities or crafts. We play, read, and have fun, in-between me working from home, but crafts are not something we really do. Watching him position his stickers to create a pumpkin face and decorate his sock puppet was truly great and definitely a happy moment for both him and I. He now plays with his sock puppet and imitates the way we use it!

Want to make your own sock puppet for baby or let your toddler create his own? It’s really easy! Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Sock Puppet Materials

  • 1 fuzzy sock
  • googly eyes, preferably ones with peel-off sticker backing
  • variety of stickers

You may need to help your toddler attach the eyes, as I did, but otherwise, peel the sticker backing on the stickers and let your toddler have fun decorating the puppet to his liking. You can see in the photo above that my boy decorated the inside of the puppet with many stickers and added a “crown” to the top of his puppet’s head.

Have fun and enjoy putting on a puppet show for your baby or watching your toddler’s puppet show!

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