Disney Princess Printable Baby Shower Buffet Cards

Create a magnificent table for your guests with these personalizable buffet cards. Print as many as needed for the grand event.


Princess Buffet Cards


1. Type in the dishes that will be served at your party onto the buffet cards and print them. Cut out the buffet cards.

2. Print the crown template and trace it onto craft foam. Cut it out. Connect the ends of the crown and attach them with glue. Allow to dry. Cut two slits into the craft foam in the same area shown on the template.

3. Decorate your foam crowns with foam flowers and/or jewels. Place one buffet card into the slits of each crown and place it on your buffet table in front of that food item.

click here to download and customize your buffet cards

For more Princess fun, check out the official Disney Princess site.

For more inspiration to help plan the perfect baby shower, take a look at the Huggies Baby Shower Pinterest page.
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