Little L Loves Her Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer!

The Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer was provided free of charge by Disney Baby. To find out more about this item for purchase, please click here.

The fourth month is such a memorable one — it’s when babies get more social, giggle, react to your voice, start grabbing on to small toys, rolling over and just wanting to be a part of it all. At least Little L is one active baby! When we received the Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer and Bloom Activity Center I thought “she’s way too small for it.” But what do you know, my little firecracker got right in and and got to work! She jumps on the tips of her toes, it is helping strengthen her back and after two weeks her balance has improved. I am beaming with pride! The activity center keeps her busy and her little hands reaching and grabbing. 

Here you can see just how much fun she is having and get a better look at the bouncer and activity center. As a parent, it’s lovely to see her smiling face and have her see the world from a different angle. I’m sure sitting in a chair or laying on her back can get sooooo boring!

  • Fun in the Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer and Bloom Activity Center

    Fun in the Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer and Bloom Activity Center

    Best fun for this four month old! And as Disney says it’s “fashion meets function at playtime. This Bounce and Bloom activity center featuring Minnie Mouse with a cheerful and bright design is sure to put some spring in your baby’s step!”

  • Ready to play

    Ready to play

    The calm before the storm — a “quiet” view of the bouncer!

  • Minnie Fashion

    Minnie Fashion

    The activity center is not complete without Minnie fashion. The seat is pretty in pink and ideal for your cute little Disney Baby!

  • Pretty, pretty lights!

    Pretty, pretty lights!

    I love seeing her little face as she works her way around the activity center each day. The electronic piano activates lights, melodies, and other fun sounds sure to make your little one jump for joy!

  • A closer look

    A closer look

    It doesn’t get any busier than this!

  • Flower Power!

    Flower Power!

    Another twirl it and spin it accessory. Keeps them busy busy busy!

  • A better view of the seat

    A better view of the seat

    A sweeeet ride…or bouncer! The seat rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access to ten different toys and activities including a teether, rattle, and more. The activity center also adjusts to three height positions so it grows as your baby grows.

  • Baby Vanity

    Baby Vanity

    A sweet mirror for baby to check herself out!

  • Adjustable Bounce Board

    Adjustable Bounce Board

    Baby will love to bounce on this board — especially when she sees mommy come into the room! Little L is on her tippy toes, but just a few more weeks and she’ll be unstoppable!

  • Spinning!


    Little L accidentally swiped this recently and she can’t get enough of it. The rattling noise keeps her entertained!

  • Grab and Go!

    Grab and Go!

    Well, they can grab, but they are not going anywhere! Little L enjoys grabbing these flowers and working her little hands and fingers around them.

  • Oh! The Blinking Lights!

    Oh! The Blinking Lights!

    Music, noise AND lights! Yep, the activity center has it all and Little L is discovering a little something each day. Your baby will LOVE this!

  • Happy feet

    Happy feet

    Jumping, her new favorite activity! With the Bright Starts™ award-winning design, Baby’s feet rest on a special triangular pad perfect for high-energy jumping and bouncing.

  • Little L striking a pose!

    Little L striking a pose!

    So much fun, she doesn’t know where to start!

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