Different By All Accounts – How My 3rd Baby Is Completely Unique

It should go without saying that all babies are different, even our own, who share the same genetic makeup, all end up being unique in their own way.  But quite often our babies also end up being very similar in more ways than one.  My first two were wildly different in the personality department, however they shared almost identical physical traits.  My third baby though, is proving to be very different all around.  Physical features, physical traits, personality traits, you name it, this baby is different than the first two, reminding me that the rules of comparison don’t apply, and I’d better be on my toes.Hayden was diagnosed with his first ear infection 2 weeks ago at just 5 months old.  The two older kids have never even had an ear infection.  As a mother of three, I somehow missed all the signs that he had an ear infection and was completely shocked when the doctor gave us the diagnosis.  I had initially taken him in for the lingering cough, I never even considered an ear infection.  Lesson learned, just because 2 of my babies never got ear infections, doesn’t mean the third is immune to them.

Last week Hayden woke up from his nap with 2 fresh little teeth sprouted from his gums.  I could swear they weren’t there earlier in the morning.  Again, he’s only 5 months old.  The other two kids didn’t get their first teeth until they were 8 and 9 months respectively.  Again, I was caught off guard.  The drool had been flowing for weeks, but I just chocked it up to typical newborn drool, not actual teething drool.  Lesson learned, not all my babies will be late bloomers when it comes to teething.


Tomorrow I have to make a trip to the store to pick up night time diapers.  Almost every morning for the past month and a half, this kid needs a bath because he’s had a minor, or in most cases, a major diaper malfunction.  I tried going up a size, changing his diaper before I go to bed around 10:30 at night, but still the diaper leaks continue!  My other two are like little camels, and never once woke up with more than a moist diaper in the morning.  Once they were potty trained, they never had to wear pull ups or have had more than 1-2 night time potty accidents, so to say I was unprepared is an understatement.  I took to my computer and asked friends what they recommend.  Doubling up on diapers perhaps, and I was instructed to get night time diapers.  I had no idea they even made night time diapers for babies so young!  Lesson learned, this child may not have the same bladder as my other two.  We may in fact have to make more pit stops on road trips.

The differences don’t stop there.  Hayden’s hair is coming in and it’s proving to be the palest shade of blonde, along with his striking blue eyes, he makes for a handsome little guy.  He will definitely be my first and only blonde haired blue eyed little baby.  And the laughter and smiles this kid had!  I once made a baby onesie for Taylor, my first born, that read “You Bore Me” because it was so hard to get her to smile!  And Syd, my second born found crying to be much more enjoyable of a past time than smiling.  You can’t stop this kid from smiling and giggling though!  You just look at him and he’ll smile at you.  It’s contagious and amazing.

While some days I feel like a bit of a first time parent, because the experiences with Hayden are so new and different, it’s a great reminder to stop the comparisons.  Appreciate the differences and respect how each of my children’s unique traits make them special, and amazingly wonderful.  As parents, we so often fall into the trap of comparing our children to one another, instead of celebrating their differences.  I’m glad this baby is reminding me of that. it’s a valuable, and worthwhile lesson to learn, and remember.

So what about your brood?  Are they each completely different, or do they share similarities?

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