Did You Forget What It Feels Like to Be Pregnant?

Before my first baby was born, a friend of mine said, “One of the weirdest things about having a baby is that after just a couple of weeks, you can’t remember what being pregnant actually feels like.”

I was in the last weeks of pregnancy, with a baby kicking me from the inside around the clock, my stomach as tight as I could imagine it getting, and getting up to go to bathroom multiple times a night. It was impossible for me to imagine that I’d forget what that felt like.

But then, just as she’d suggested, a couple of weeks after Ella’s birth, I realized with a start that I couldn’t conjure up the feeling of a baby kicking me. I remembered that I HAD felt it, but I couldn’t actually remember what it felt like. And I remembered my stomach being huge and being able to rest my arms on it, but I couldn’t remember what that felt like either!


And when I got pregnant with Ani and she got big enough for me to start feeling her kicks, I thought, “Oh yes! How could I have ever forgotten this?!”

But now, ten weeks after her birth, I can’t actually remember how that felt either.

I look at pictures of myself pregnant and think, “Whoa, was that really me?”

Pregnant Belly

It happens so gradually during pregnancy that you don’t really notice how enormous you are, and then, suddenly, when you’re not carrying around an eight pound baby in your stomach, it’s just bizarre to look back on those pictures.

It’s hard to imagine being pregnant at all – how it feels, how I looked. Did anyone else have this experience?

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