Deep Breaths (and Thoughts) at the End of the Very Busiest Month of the Year

I have a serious love affair with the month of November. But a love affair I’m always ready to put a lid on by the end of its 30-day run.

November is my birthday month. Oh, and my daughter’s birthday month. And my son’s birthday month. And let’s not forget that little weekend called Thanksgiving, quickly followed by that other tiny holiday we call Christmas.

Can you say par-tay? And can you also say mama needs an epic nap?

But three cheers for today, because today is November 30th. Tomorrow is a new month, and with that comes a promise of a slower time. Ah, who am I kidding. Tomorrow is December, the second busiest month of the year! No worries, It’s all good. I’ll sleep when it’s spring, I promise.

But when I look back at the whirlwind of November and the Christmas season that still lies ahead, I’m absolutely exhausted but so very thankful for all the blessings in my life.

I know being tired isn’t fun, but I was tired because I was celebrating the life of two of my children. Sure, I often went to bed with a heavy overworked body, but it was because I was planning a toddler birthday party. Or baking cupcakes for a beautiful soon-to-be eight year old  girl.


I’m realizing quickly that I’m in a season of life that someday I’ll miss.

Everyday, I’m watching with amazement as baby Paul learns how to crawl.

baby Paul learns to crawl

And I’m giggling under my breath as I tuck a sweet little boy into his bed who insists he’s really a superhero.

Super hero's sleep too.

Friends, I might be tired, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. November is a beautiful beast of a month, and it’s truly my most thankful month of the whole year.

How about you? What’s the busiest month of the year for you?

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