Printable Decorative Baby Shower Banner

Set the scene for your shower with this adorable decorative banner.



1. Print out each page of the shower banner printable on regular paper or card stock.

2. Cut out each letter and decorative element along the dotted lines.

3. Arrange the letters and decorative elements in the appropriate order – use the last page of the printable PDF as a guide.Note: It will be helpful to do this on a table where you can easily lay out the pieces.

4. Cut a piece of string or twine to match the length of the banner. You’ll want to leave a few extra inches of string at each end, so the banner looks as if it’s being carried by the birds.

5. Attach the letters and decorative elements to the banner with small clothespins.

6. Once assembled, hang the banner with tape or push pins.

click here to download the banner


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For more inspiration to help plan the perfect baby shower, take a look at the Huggies Baby Shower Pinterest page.


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