Dealing with Baby Blues: 8 Moms Share their Tips

I think at some point or another, most moms deal with baby blues. Whether it’s feeling down after having a newborn baby, or dealing with feelings of wanting another child, it can be hard to deal with the overwhelming emotions. I personally still have days where I look at my two-year-old and miss having an infant. When I start to wonder if we should have more babies, I take a step back, look at all I have, and remind myself that life continues to evolve and we will have other phases of parenting to look forward to. I also take comfort in knowing that when our children get older, my husband and I will still have each other to begin yet another journey of life.

I asked a few moms for their tips in how they deal with baby blues and feelings of wanting more children. Here’s what they had to say!

Sweet BabySource: Luis Hernandez/Flickr

Dealing with Baby Blues: 8 Moms Share their Tips

“A good Vitamin B complex and quiet afternoon walks around the neighborhood were so important for those first few weeks of baby blues. Chanting the mantra of “This too shall pass” during frequent all-nighters were pretty key, too.” ~ Erin Loechner,

“When I see a newborn baby I immediately yearn for another. Then, I think about my 2 girls (5 and 10) and am ecstatic for the stage of life they are in now and remember to appreciate the moment I am in.” ~ Jamie Underwood,


“When I think about baby blues, I just think about the piles of diapers, the endless laundry, the spit-up, the mess, the tears (hers and mine)… and then I see that smile and I know that anything she tosses out (literally!) I can take and it wipes all my baby blues away.” ~ Suz Besecker,

“When I see a beautiful new baby, I start to get the baby blues, then I look at the parents and remember how much I love my sleep now!” ~ Mary Edwards,

“I love babies but seeing my kids working and in college makes me feel fulfilled. Now is my time.” ~ Karina Fernandez,

“For the last few years, it’s been hard to watch my friends have babies and attend showers. I’ve wanted another baby for so long with no luck. Those moments when I’m feeling especially down, I look to my 7 year old son to cheer me up. I am grateful that I have him.” ~ Lisa,

“Several of my friends are currently pregnant or have recently had babies, so I’ve been battling the desire to have more. But I live very far from family and all I have to do is ask myself if I want to go through another 9 months of pregnancy while raising & homeschooling two kids ages 6 and 8, then the sleepless nights that follow the birth, and the one to two years of nursing. Poof! The yearning disappears! I prefer to just snuggle my friend’s babies and then hand them back.” ~ Monica,

“I will always have baby fever but instead of dwelling on trying to have another child, and after suffering a loss, I try to appreciate the blessing that is my 4 year old son. Focusing on the now helps me put things into perspective.” ~ Jennifer,

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