Creative Play with Easter Eggs!

My daughter has been eyeing the plastic Easter eggs for the past couple of months. They’ve been in our storage room since last Easter, taunting her with their vibrant colors. I finally gave in to her demands last week and broke them out so we could play with them. Sure, we’ll do an Easter egg hunt and fill her Easter basket next weekend, but we found some other ways to enjoy the eggs before the real excitement of Easter is upon us. From color-sorting and music-making, the options are endless! (Not to mention, AFFORDABLE!)

  • The Options Are Endless!

    The Options Are Endless!

    Click through for 7 different ways to play and learn with Easter eggs!

  • Cool Textures

    Cool Textures

    These shiny, plastic treasures are fun just by themselves. Gather in a big pile and let your little one have fun touching all the eggs!

  • Color Sorting

    Color Sorting

    Teach your little one about colors while sorting out the eggs!

  • Practice Counting

    Practice Counting

    These colorful eggs make counting so much fun! 1 blue egg, 2 purple eggs, 3 yellow eggs…

  • Opening & Closing

    Opening & Closing

    Work on those fine motor skills by practicing opening and closing! (Make it MORE fun by adding a surprise inside the eggs – stickers, raisins, etc!)

  • Learn the Rainbow

    Learn the Rainbow

    Channel your elementary-school art class and teach your little one about Roy G. Biv! (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet!)

  • Matching & Memory

    Matching & Memory

    Lay out the egg halves and practice matching (colors to colors, tops to bottoms). Additionally, make up a memory game! See if your little one can remember where those treasures are…

  • Egg Shakers

    Egg Shakers

    Fill your eggs with things like beans and rice and let your little one have fun making music with their little egg shakers!

  • Get Creative

    Get Creative

    These are just the activities that I thought of while playing with our eggs last week. I’m sure there are TONS of great ideas out there! The options are endless…

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