Creating a More Meaningful Easter for Your Family

Like every holiday, Easter comes and goes in a flash. It’s not as crazy as the winter holiday season, but there’s still a hustle and bustle in the air. Easter is earlier this year, leaving us with more pressure and less time to get everything done – finding the perfect Easter morning outfit for our little ones, cute pictures of the kids with the Easter bunny, that neighborhood Easter egg hunt, the Easter brunch your friend is hosting, and of course – putting together a picture-perfect Easter basket for the kiddos. With all of the “to-dos,” the true meaning and celebration of the Easter season can get lost.

  • Easter is Almost Here!

    Easter is Almost Here!

    Click through for 8 ways to make Easter more special this year…

  • Focus on What's Important

    Focus on What's Important

    As a family, decide what’s most important to you this Easter. Then, focus all of your Easter festivities around it!

  • Simplify


    Instead of trying to do every last Eastery thing, simplify and only do what’s most important. Choose just a few things for baby’s Easter basket, pick 1 or 2 fun Easter crafts instead of feeling like you have to do them all…

  • Start a New Tradition

    Start a New Tradition

    Traditions create fond memories and warm feelings. Start a new tradition that you and your family can look forward to each year!

  • Make it Fun

    Make it Fun

    However you decide to celebrate Easter this year, make it fun! A silly gift in the Easter basket or a simple Easter egg hunt in your living room can be so delightful!

  • Make it Memorable

    Make it Memorable

    Think about what you did last Easter. Can you remember? If not, do something different this year! Think about what will be the most special for your family…

  • Be Creative

    Be Creative

    When we put our own creativity into what we do, we appreciate it so much more. Your Easter will be much more meaningful when you add your special touch to each thing you do as a family…

  • Involve the Entire Family

    Involve the Entire Family

    Sometimes, new mamas can take on too much and wind up doing it all themselves. Instead, involve the troop! Have your kiddos help with the cooking and decorating. Assign your significant other to hide the eggs or help pick out the Easter outfits. Doing things together is always better…

  • Don't Stress

    Don't Stress

    Most importantly, don’t stress. Easter should NOT be stressing you out. It should be fun, relaxing, and memorable. It should be a time for family and rebirth and celebration!

Happy Easter to you and yours!!

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