Classic Disney Movies You’ll Want Your Kids to Watch

This post was written by my husband. Believe me when I say that he loves these classic movies (Swiss Family Robinson is quoted on a daily basis) and I’m sure he’ll introduce them to Beck the second he is old enough.

When I was growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, my family had a collection of old movies we watched over and over. We didn’t know these were old. We just thought they were awesome and hilarious. I have watched some of these movies since then and I laugh about how much we loved these. But these movies are a part of me. And they still carry the charm they did when I was little. I can’t wait to watch some of these movies with my kids to see if they get as excited about them as I did.

Here are four movies that are a large part of my childhood:

  • Swiss Family Robinson

    Swiss Family Robinson

    Do I need to say more than: jungle tree mansion? Anyone in my family can quote lines from this movie like crazy. “It’ll be nice to be called Roberta again.” Watching this movie as an adult, I can’t believe some of the wildlife shots they got. A fight between a tiger and two domesticated dogs. Also, was that massive snake real? If so, I truly feel bad for Fritz and Ernst for having to film that.

  • That Darn Cat

    That Darn Cat

    This may have been my favorite movie growing up. It made me want to be an FBI Agent so I could go on surveillance missions and get into fist fights with kidnappers. I love the characters’ names. Canoe. Zeke Kelso. Whenever I watch this movie, I want to make a late-night sandwich and sweep the crumbs under the sofa, like Canoe. One of the bad guys in this movie is the guy who plays the Joker in the Adam West Batman series. And he is awesome. Watching this movie as an adult, you pick up on more of the complicated love stories that sort of fly over your head as a kid.

  • Blackbeard's Ghost

    Blackbeard's Ghost

    A drunken bearded pirate. Silky Semoure, the high-class gambling joint owner. And Dean Jones (who plays Zeke Kelso in That Darn Cat). I’m not sure if I understood everything going on in this movie growing up, but the comedic track and field meet just did it for me.

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    This was my favorite cartoon growing up. When I was learning how to play the guitar, the Robin Hood songs were among the first I learned. They had a folk rockabilly cowboy feel and I liked that. Somehow they fit perfectly into the classic British tale especially the dreary and sad but beautiful Not in Nottingham song.

What are some classic movies you want to pass on to your kids?

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