Changing Seasons: Transitioning from Baby to Toddler

The other day, my baby girl “Pink” was sitting on the lawn. A gust of wind came along, and yellow leaves drifted down from the tree overhead. As she rushed to grab them, I shot this quick picture.


There was no doubt with the wind and the leaves and the chill that the seasons were shifting. It was time to officially say goodbye to sand and bathing suits and long days, and hello to pumpkins and cozy sweaters and darkness.


As I stood there I realized that to my baby girl, this shift — this moment in time — is about a lot more than the color of the leaves. She too is changing. She just turned 17 months old and, in just the past couple weeks, I’ve watched the baby fall away. Little by little. And I’ve watched her tread closer and closer to toddler-hood.

It’s true, she’s taken her sweet time learning to walk, and so I’ve been able to hold on to the baby in her. But as she begins to stand on her own — turning everything that moves into a walker, and even taking some independent steps — I see a new confidence. Her curiosity is shifting as her world extends beyond its former 15-inch limit. Suddenly, she not only knows exactly what she wants, she can somehow communicate that to us as well. A word here, a point there.

And just as I dreaded saying goodbye to summer, I dread saying goodbye to my baby. I want to hold on just a little bit longer. (Ok, a lot longer.) But I also know the fall has so much fun in store. And no doubt her toddler-hood does too.

Yes, it’s time for the seasons to change. Here we go…

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