Celebrating New Year’s Eve with a Baby: The Party isn’t Over!

Last year I rang in the New Year approximately 39 weeks pregnant, lounging on the sofa wearing my stretchiest of stretch pants and a pair of worn out slipper socks. And yes, there might have been a blanket with sleeves involved.

And while 2012 has been filled with so many things worth celebrating, I have no plans for an epic evening out on the town. Gone are my New Year Eve’s spent in the city wearing high heels and glittery dresses. Home for the holiday? Yes please!

But just because I had a baby this year, doesn’t mean I have to sit on my duff sulking and feeling sorry for myself come midnight. Sure, the party scene might have changed a bit, there’s still plenty of ways to festively ring in the New Year with baby.

5 ways to celebrate New Years with a baby

5 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a baby:

1. Invite a few friends over for a low-key casual dinner. Afterwards, play cards while watching the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show.

2. Go out to dinner early, and enjoy dessert at home. If you’re really craving a special dinner out, skip the popular reservation times and dine out before the crowds hit. Order some dessert to-go, and dig into it after baby goes to bed.

3. Attend a kid-friendly party at a friends house. Bring along the pack-n-play sleeper so baby can snooze in a spare bedroom while the adults ring in evening.

4. Enjoy a late night romantic candlelit dinner at home with your spouse, after baby goes to bed. Enjoy a little glass of champagne, share a midnight kiss, and call it a night!

5. Throw a living room dance party! Who says you need a professional DJ to break it down like it’s 1999? Fire up the iTunes (but not too loud, you do have a baby sleeping in the other room) and have some fun.

How about you? Now that you have a baby, what are your NYE plans this year?

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