Well, Where Are My Manners?

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind month in my life and while I love and live for summer, sunshine and all the watermelon I can handle, I’ll admit I’ve fallen a little behind in some things. My name is Casey and I have a seven and a half year old daughter named Addie, a 14 month old baby girl named Vivienne and a handsome husband of 11 years named Cody. I  grew up in Utah and moved to Indiana about six years ago and settled right into the Midwestern way of life. I’ve been hanging around the Internet for quite awhile and would love to tell you a little bit more about my story.

Hi I am Casey

Perhaps you noticed the giant age gap between my children? It wasn’t completely intentional. I struggled with infertility treatments for 6 months before I got pregnant with Addie and just didn’t have it in me to do a whole lot of invasive, hormonal treatments to get pregnant a second time so we just – did it – the old fashioned way. It was a long hard wait but now that she’s here she’s even more perfect than I ever could have imagined. Secondary infertility is mighty frustrating but I’ve found an entire supportive community online and I’ve learned that it’s a lot more common than people may think.


I’m also quite fluent in depression and anxiety disorders. I’ve experienced both from a very young age and only recently do I feel as though they are finally (FINALLY!) being managed properly. I dealt with severe antenatal (while pregnant) depression with both girls but only dealt with postpartum depression the first time around. I’m a big supporter of maternal health and well being because I know the difference between a mentally healthy pregnancy and new mom and an unwell pregnancy and an unwell new mom. You could say it’s my soapbox/high horse/reason for fighting.

I dabble a bit in photography and sometimes I let people pay me money to take their pictures. My most absolute joy is that I have the ability to capture moments as they happen and hold on to them forever. My mom is a photographer as well and I dream of someday traveling and photographing the country (perhaps even the world) with her.

I come from a small family, one wonderful sister who just had her first baby three months ago. My parents have been separated since I was five but both found very influential and wonderful people for me to grow up with. I love chocolate cake, naps, cats, pasta and really good hugs.

I look forward to sharing so many wonderful things here with you on Disney Baby and am so thankful for the opportunity to be among such great people. Now, tell me a little about you!

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