Capturing the Mundane Moments

If you’ve spent much time on any social networking site, odds are you’ve seen pictures of your friends’ adorable children, perfectly dressed, posed and always smiling. Photos like these are nice, because who doesn’t love looking at a smiling baby? But, is that what real-life looks like? Hmmm… not so much. While I love snapping a smiley baby photo as much as the next person, I’ve come to realize that some of the best photos are the ones that capture real life; photos that capture all of those mundane, little moments that will remind you what your days as a mother to a baby were really like.

Fern sleeping

My favorite kind of mundane moments to snap photos of are photos of my little Fern sleeping. I’m pretty sure I have 6,327 photos of her in my phone at this very moment.  See Exhibits A, B, C and D:

Sleeping StripesSmooshed and SleepingSleeping in Yellow BlanketSleeping in the Carseat

Why take pictures of a sleeping baby? Well, besides the fact that she’s super adorable, there’s also the fact that I absolutely love snuggling up to sleep next to my baby. It’s something that I am going to miss when she gets bigger and is too cool for snuggles anymore. All of those nap time hours cozied up together when I would look over and see her perfect little pout sucking away mid-dream or the times when she would lay her arm on mine…those are the moments that I am going to want to remember.

So, I encourage you parents: make sure to take pictures of the mundane! It is all of these little (seemingly) mundane moments that real life is happening and that is something worth remembering.

Do any of you have a favorite “mundane” moment you seem to capture your child doing over and over again?  Perhaps you love sneaking sleep photos like myself, or maybe you prefer the photos where you catch your child in a mid-tantrum wail? Whatever the case, I want to hear about it! I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this!


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