Capturing Memories: The 52 Project

Perhaps the greatest truth and cliche of parenthood is that it all goes by too quickly. In an instant, our newborn babies are walking and talking and driving cars. We try our best to take photos, write down our memories, blog about our babies, and save their sweet mementos, but it still happens too fast. I’ve heard mothers and fathers begging for time to slow down, to pause, just to savor their time with their littles. Jodi from Che & Fidel came up with the neatest idea called The 52 Project.


Jodi states, “In late 2011 I started thinking about a portrait project… From the beginning I wanted to create something that was rewarding and achievable. I loved the idea of taking a portrait of my children each week, capturing an expression, an emotion, a gesture.” 

Each week in 2012, Jodi took a portrait of her children. At the end of the year, she had 104 memories captured. “When I look at the photos I took throughout 2012 I see real life in still life, our busy weeks encapsulated in one moment, memories that made up our year.”

The 52 Project is a collaboration of mothers, fathers, bloggers, writers, and memory-makers, simply taking one portrait of their children once a week for all of 2013. We’re in week 7 now, but it’s not too late to join in!

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