Bringing Elvie Home (Again)

When we entered the hospital with Elvie the morning of January 7 to check her in for her big surgery, I knew that we would have a stay of at least a week, likely closer to two, but I honestly didn’t think it would stretch out to nearly three weeks. But we had a few small setbacks, and it took longer than we hoped for Elvie to be ready to come home. Today, on our twentieth day in the hospital, she was finally well enough and close enough to normal to be discharged. I brought a special outfit to the hospital to bring her home in, much like most families do for a newborn. For us, each time Elvie has come home has been special. This is her fourth homecoming, the first being her homecoming after her adoption, and the other two following unanticipated hospital stays. It is always sweet to bring her home, no matter the circumstances. Each hurdle she clears is a victory, and we are so proud of our baby girl. It was pure joy to bring her home today. We were more than ready.


We are city family, living life without a car, and before this surgery, Elvie’s safety in a car seat was in question, so we hadn’t put her in a car before at all. We use a car sharing service, but it would have been complicated to make it work today, so we decided to do as we’ve done for the past six plus months and just take public transportation home. The streetcar stop is right by the hospital, and they have handicap accessible ramps at select stops that are just perfect for our purposes. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was just right for us. We walked home from the streetcar stop and walked into our own front door victorious.

Elvie has already shown signs of improving due to being at home instead of in the hospital. She ate much better this evening than she has the whole time she was in the hospital, and she moved around more and was more talkative than she has been since before her surgery. It’s no surprise that she is happier at home, but it is so gratifying to watch her settle in right where she belongs.

Tonight I put Elvie in a clean cloth diaper and put footie pajamas on her. I got her bottle ready and rocked her in our office chair to her favorite song, just like we’ve always done at home. She fell asleep easily and is sleeping beautifully now, in her own crib, right next to our bed. I am so happy to have her home, so proud that she has come through so much and emerged the same as before, happy and mischievous and strong.

There are many more details of Elvie’s hospital stay to share, and I intend to share them, but for now I am going to bask in the glow of my happy little family, all together at home. We are all right where we should be, together again at last.

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