Baby Names Inspired By the Twilight Series

Who has tickets to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere tonight???? Ok ok, many of you just rolled your eyes. But I’m not ashamed to say that I am a HUGE Twilight fan. Hard core. Read all the books. Listened to all the books again on audiobook. (Maybe twice.) And I’ve been to all the movies on opening night. I’m a fan. I’m not so big of a fan that I named our son for any of the characters but that doesn’t mean that the names from this oh-so-popular series aren’t climbing the popularity charts as we speak. Click through for 15 of the most popular baby names inspired by the Twilight Saga…

  • Bella


    Bella is the heroine of the novels, a young girl who falls in love with a vampire and craziness ensues. When the first Twilight novel was published, Bella wasn’t even in the top 200 girls’ names in the US. Now it’s #58, beating out names like Miley and Maddox.

  • Edward


    Edward is quite possibly the most popular character in the series. He is the object of Bella’s affection and is a vampire in the Cullen family with the ability to read minds.

  • Jacob


    Jacob is Bella’s best friend and is a bit of a rival to Edward for her affection. He is a Native American and member of the tribe that lives in the same area. The name Jacob was already a popular name for boys when the series came out, having a handsome and strong character embody that name probably doesn’t hurt it’s ranking either.

  • Cullen


    Cullen is the last name of the vampires Edward, Alice, Esme, Jasper, Emmet, and Carlise. They form a family, or a coven. Cullen has become a popular name choice as the trend of using last names as boy’s first names has risen.

  • Alice


    Alice is one of the vampires in the Cullen family. She is the short haired “sister” to Edward and is among the first to welcome Bella and become her friend. She can also see into the future.

  • Jasper


    Jasper is Alice’s mate and a vampire in the Cullen family with a special ability to control the emotions of the people around him. He is a southern gentleman and is the newest member of the Cullen household.

  • Carlise


    Carlise is the head of the Cullen family. The “dad” so to speak and is also a vampire. He works among society as a doctor and is well respected in the community. When the Twilight novels first came out, this name had not been given at all for US baby boys, now it’s starting to pop up in the charts.

  • Esme


    Esme is Carlisle’s wife and the mother figure in the Cullen family. She is caring and tender and takes the role as peacemaker in the group.

  • Rosalie


    Rosalie is a vampire in the Cullen family. She has the hardest time accepting Bella as Edward’s mate. She is known as the most beautiful of the Cullen family and is Emmet’s mate.

  • Emmet


    Emmet is one of the vampires in the Cullen family and is Rosalie’s mate. He’s comes off as a bit of a jock, is very strong, but is also a bit of a softie. This name is currently rising on the US charts and ranks in the 300’s for popularity.

  • Aro


    Aro is a vampire and is the head of the Volturi, which is basically Vampire royalty (and a dictatorship). He has a special ability to see everything a person thinks and all their memories by touching their skin.

  • Caius


    Caius is another vampire, and another member of the leadership group known as the Volturi. He’s very by the book and likes to stick to enforcing the age-old rules.

  • Sam


    Sam is a werewolf and is the leader of the La Push pack of wolves. Originally a Biblical name, Samuel (or Sam) is a very popular name for baby boys.

  • Laurent


    Laurent is a vampire who is not a part of the Cullen family. He is in his own group, and has glowing red eyes. Laurent is a french name that is not super popular here in the US quite yet but is very popular over in Belgium.

  • Victoria


    Victoria is a vampire in the series who seeks revenge on Bella and the Cullen family after her mate, James, is killed by Edward. She is lovely with flowing red hair.
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