Blizzard, Baby!

On Christmas Eve, we all went to bed dreaming of a white Christmas. The forecast predicted the chances were unlikely, but not entirely impossible. And because I’m an eternal optimist, I had the kids snow gear ready and waiting by the back door, just in case we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. In all honesty, I was most excited about baby Paul finally experiencing a bit of fluffy snow for the first time.

Would he love it? Would he hate it? I was so excited to find out!

Christmas day came and went, and while it was lovely, the sky remained clear and the ground completely void of snow.

But then the day after Christmas came, and the “blizzard of 2012” hit the city of Indianapolis like a hard pack snowball. The local meteorologist predicted up to a foot of snow, which is basically enough to stop the city in it’s tracks, given we never get that much accumulation in one falling. The mayor asked us to “hunker down” and stay safe (translated: please don’t leave the house).

At the end of the storm, we got around 8 inches of the white stuff total, and thanks to the gusty winds, snowdrifts were aplenty. It wasn’t exactly a “blizzard” in my book, but definitely enough to snow to enjoy, and even enough to build a pretty amazing snowman in the backyard.

Backyard snowman

So what did baby Paul think of his first romp in the snow? For the quick few minutes I let him cautiously explore, I think he’s going to be a snow bunny like his mom. I love the snow, and I think he did too!

Baby Paul's first play in the snow

I can’t wait for next winter, when baby Paul will surely be running and jumping through the snowdrifts like his older siblings.

How about you? Do you love the snow, or do you despise it?

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