10 Parents Speak Out: The Best Thing About Having More Than One Child Is…

It took us a while to decide if we wanted to have a second child. We went back and forth a lot on why we should or shouldn’t. Of course, having been parents of two children for nearly two years, it’s now hard to remember the days when we didn’t have two children. Our family feels right as a family of four and it feels like our baby boy has always been around. For me, one of the things I love about seeing them together is how much they love each other unconditionally and how they protect each other even at such a young age. I asked a few other parents and gained some insight on what they feel is the best thing about having more than one child. Be sure to also check out 8 Moms Share: The Best Thing About Having an Only Child!

10 Parents Speak Out: The Best Thing About Having More Than One Child Is…

  • Extra Love

    Extra Love

    “…double the cuddles and kisses!” – Sommer Poquette

    Source: Jenn Durfey/Flickr

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    “…seeing them grow together and be the best of friends!” – Ruby Wright

    Source: tiffany terry/Flickr

  • I Got Your Back

    I Got Your Back

    “…that the older one will look after the younger one.” – Pattie Cordova

    Source: Capture Queen/Flickr

  • Something Extra for Parents Too

    Something Extra for Parents Too

    “…the tax credits…” – Troy Pattee

    Source: James Emery/Flickr

  • Instant Entertainment

    Instant Entertainment

    “‎…when they keep each other entertained! I never hear complaints that they have no one to play with.” – Monica Olivera Hazelton

    Source: Pieterjan Vandaele/Flickr

  • Road Benefits

    Road Benefits

    “…that you can use the carpool lane.” – Unknown Mami

    Source: Joy Coffman/Flickr

  • Someone to Lean On

    Someone to Lean On

    “They will take turns caring for you when you are old, haha. No, seriously. They have a witness to their history and their family history. Sharing memories is the only way to keep them allive. When adults, after us parents are gone, they will still have a member of their nuclear family. Hopefuly, they will lean on each other.” – Carmen-Alicia Civita

    Source: Evil Erin/Flickr

  • A Forever Friend

    A Forever Friend

    “To see the love, laughs and tears they share together. How they take care of each other, miss each other and confide in each other. It is the best thing in the world!” – Lisa Renata

    Source: Ernst Vikne/Flickr

  • An Understanding Hand

    An Understanding Hand

    “That no matter what happens in life, they have somebody else who understands where they came from and shares their history. And the funniest thing is when they gang up on me or join forces to get something they want. I love to see them as a team, even if they are 3 years apart! When they hug each other or make each other laugh, it fills my heart with love and happiness.” – Jeannette Kaplun

    Source: Erkut Hancı/Flickr

  • Unconditional Love

    Unconditional Love

    “…seeing the innate love between them…. the kind of love that can’t be taught. My heart melts every single time I see [my daughter] get happy to see her little brother (and vice versa) or be loving to him when he’s hurt, sad, sick or in pain…” – Roxana Soto Romero

    Source: James Emery/Flickr

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