Being the Little Sister Means:

  • You get to read more picture books than board books
  • Most of your clothing are hand-me-downs
  • You almost never have to do tummy time alone, since your big sister is happy to get down on the floor with you
  • Everyone asks if you look like your older sister
  • You go to the toddler storytime rather than the baby storytime
  • You are great at sleeping through noise because the house is rarely completely silent except at night
  • Your parents realize, this time, how fast the baby period flies by
  • You get more accidental pokes and bumps from a curious big sister
  • Your naps get interrupted more frequently than the older child’s did
  • There are more pictures of you (because your mom has a camera phone this time around)
  • You spend much more time in a baby carrier because your mom needs her hands free to keep track of the toddler
  • You get loved on all day long


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