Beginnings of Creative Play

Baby boy is now two-years-old and I’ve started to see the beginnings of creative play and use of his imagination. It’s different to see baby play in this manner as opposed to just playing with a toy the way it was designed. It’s one thing to play with blocks and build a tower, or stack rings on the very traditional ring stacker baby toy, but it’s another thing entirely to see my boy pretending his figurines are talking to each other. I admit, though, that it’s a lot of fun to see him starting this new phase of pretend play!


Toddler Pretend Creative PlaySource: Juhan Sonin/Flickr

The way my toddler uses his imagination these days to play with his toys ranges from using puppets to talk to us to having small dolls and figurines talk to each other. He will also pretend talk with the toys himself, which is honestly very interesting to watch! I mean, how cute is it to hear your baby boy have an argument with his toys? It’s quite entertaining indeed!

The nice thing about my toddler beginning to play creatively is that he and his big sister can now play together in many more ways than they’ve done so far. She loves to pretend and is constantly making her dolls and stuffed animals talk. Now, her baby brother can join the fun and together they can set up entire scenes and act them out!

Pretend play is a wonderful stage of childhood and I look forward to seeing my baby boy develop his imagination further through creative play. It’s fun to see this new phase and watch him either play quietly alone or play along with his big sister.

Is your baby showing signs of creative play yet?

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