Bee & Belle

Hands down, my favorite Disney movie is Beauty & the Beast. The adventure! The wonder! The disguise! I’m not a bit embarrassed to admit I know every line from the movie, and it’s still my go-to flick when I’m feeling the blues. And after play time with my three-month-old this week, I slowly realized something absolutely marvelous: my baby Bee is like beautiful Belle in so many ways.

baby in diaper

1. She loves her Papa.
Just like Belle, our little Bee is insanely devoted to her father. And although he’s not quite a crazy inventor / mad scientist, she sees him as the most famous man in the world.


2. She’s fiercely independent.
It took me a bit to learn this about Bee, but sometimes she just wants to be alone. At least once daily, I’ll lay her in her crib alone and watch her interact with herself, staring at her hands and babbling to no one at all. Sure, she’s not yet frolicking through the fields of France, but she’s well on her way.

3. She’s a bookworm.
Every morning, Bee and I “read” through her favorite board books and she soaks each up with glee. And although Bee is still on Gaston’s reading level (pictures only, please!), it’s only a matter of time before she’s swinging from bookstore ladders with delight.

4. Her kisses are magical.
A kiss from Bee can transform even the ugliest of days, continually breaking the spell of those bad mood blues.

5. She sees beyond the beast.
My husband and I are far from perfect, but when Bee looks at us with her sweet eyes, she sees love. And like the beast, she makes us want to be more caring, more patient parents. (And of course, to learn to control our tempers!)

What about you, friends? Do your babies remind you of your favorite Disney characters? I’d love to hear!

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