Beck’s First Bike Ride

You see that slight grimace on Beck’s face and his clenched fists? That was pretty much his expression the entire time on his first bike ride.


Since Beck has loved the stroller even since he was teeny tiny, I thought he would be ecstatic about the bike trailer. That wasn’t so much the case. First, he hated the helmet. You would think with a noggin as substantial as his, that a lightweight helmet wouldn’t be problematic but he threw a bit of a fit as we attempted to get it on. This caused him to be tense and fidgeting when the ride started. He sat straight up, very alert during the entire ride and would look out the window at me and say, “ma! ma! ma!” in a nervous but excited voice. I’m not sure he ever cracked a smile or sat back and relaxed. I think everything whizzing by was over stimulating and he couldn’t quite calm himself down. So I’m not sure what his overall feelings about the bike ride were. He did sigh in relief when I took the helmet off. We’ll have to try it again before summer’s end.

Even though it didn’t go quite as I had imagined, I love seeing Beck experience new things and think it’s one of the best parts of new parenthood. I hope that doesn’t fade.

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