Beck Month by Month

Early on in Beck’s life I decided I wanted to do some sort of photo growth series. I ended up choosing a super simple concept so I would stick with it and I’m so happy I did. Every month I would lay him down (or sit him up) on the same blanket and take some shots. So doable right? It’s fun to scroll through for me and see the growth from month to month. And like every mom ever, I’m now finding myself saying, “I can’t believe you were ever that tiny!”

Click through to see Beck from day one to one year.

  • The First Day

    The First Day

    Some of the first words out of my mouth were, “I can’t believe I ever worried you wouldn’t be cute.”

  • One Month

    One Month

  • Two Months

    Two Months

  • Three Months

    Three Months

  • Four Months

    Four Months

  • Five Months

    Five Months

  • Six Months

    Six Months

  • Seven Months

    Seven Months

  • Eight Months

    Eight Months

  • Nine Months

    Nine Months

  • Ten Months

    Ten Months

  • Eleven Months

    Eleven Months

  • One Year

    One Year

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