Beating the Boxing Day Blues

The day after Christmas, traditionally known as “Boxing Day” can be stressful, and tiring and even sometimes sad. Whenever there’s a huge build up to an event, the day after the event can leave us with a case of the “blahs”. Add to that saying goodbye to family and loved ones, travel stresses, and trying to organize the gift un-wrapping aftermath can leave you feeling daunted. Here’s 5 tips for overcoming the Boxing Day Blues…

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Here are 5 simple things you can do yourself or with your family to help beat the “blah” feeling that can take over the day after Christmas…

1. Give back
Have kids go through their toys and clothes and put together a bag of stuff that they no longer want or need to give to charity. Not only is it great to give to others but it also helps cut down on clutter and makes room for the new gifts that they got to be put away.


2. Start a “Boxing Day” tradition
Perhaps you all go outside and play flag football. Or you have a special french toast brunch. Or maybe you go on a hike as a family. Or perhaps your tradition could be playing board games as a family. Or you could go to the movies as a family. Or save money and do a movie marathon at home with popcorn, blankets, and maybe even a pillow fort. Whatever you decide, keep it family (instead of present) focused and give everyone something fun to look forward to the day after the big day.

3. Avoid shopping
Do you really need more stuff the day after the biggest gift giving day of the year? No. Make this day about rest, and fun, and family and enjoying what you have. Let the crowds stress someone else out.

4. Get some air
Odds are you’ve been missing out on sleep, frazzled by the holidays, and probably not eating super healthfully. So spend some time outside. Play yard games, or go for a walk or hike. Go skiing or sledding if it’s snowy and if you live in the south like me and it’s hot, swing in a hammock. Just get yourself outside to enjoy some nature and fresh air. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Relax
Remember to not overcommit yourself. It’s great to have a plan for the day to avoid the Boxing Day Blues but don’t over-schedule. Most likely, kids will want to play with their new toys and parents will want to just relax. Have a lazy morning and enjoy the day off!

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