Baby’s First Trip To The Beach – In February!

The weather this past weekend was nice and warm and would’ve been a shame to waste it indoors.  So in keeping with our family goal of getting out more and experiencing this great state we live in, we ventured out of the house on Sunday and drove down to the beach.  While we live just about 5 minutes away from the closest beach, one of our favorite spots is 30 minutes down the coast, nestled amidst a cove between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.  Crystal Cove is a special place to us, and so we started out with milkshakes and burgers at the Shake Shack overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and then ended the day with some sand play on the beach.  Coincidentally it was also Hayden’s first trip to the beach, and luckily I remembered to bring my camera to capture some shots of this memorable “first” in his life.

  • Love At First Sight!

    Love At First Sight!

    Hayden loves to be outside. Whenever he’s fussy, a quick walk around the block or just holding him in my arms on the front porch usually calms him down really quick. So it was no surprise he’d be a fan of Southern California’s most beautiful asset, its beaches.

  • Chilling In His Seat

    Chilling In His Seat

    When we first arrived I wanted some time to settle the big kids in with their toys, jackets and snacks, so I left Hayden in his carseat for a bit. He didn’t mind at all and was happy to stare at the sky, seagulls and ocean for a bit.

  • The Big Kids Play

    The Big Kids Play

    At 5 months, it is the perfect age to bring Hayden to the beach. While he sat in his carseat for about 30 minutes, just looking around, I got to spend some time with the big kids, helping them get acclimated to the beach and plan out their sand castle.

  • The Stroller And Car Seat Were Essential

    The Stroller And Car Seat Were Essential

    At first I debated lugging the stroller and carseat down to the beach, and thought about just bringing him in the baby carrier. But it was so worth the extra little hassle to bring the whole set up down, because I had a spot to hold our towels (the stroller), and a spot to hold baby so I could have my hands free, and he stayed in the shade!

  • Spending Some Time With Daddy

    Spending Some Time With Daddy

    After Hayden was done sitting in the carseat, he let us know he wanted to get out and look around! We took turns holding him and narrating his surroundings. As hard as I tried to get him to look at the camera, he was just transfixed by the ocean and couldn’t look away!

  • Flying High

    Flying High

    He did enjoy flying high up with the seagulls though, secure in daddy’s hands.

  • Happy Boy

    Happy Boy

    Hayden is overall a very happy baby and it doesn’t take much to make him smile, but we could tell he especially loved his time at the beach.

  • 2 Out Of 3

    2 Out Of 3

    I tried to get a picture with all 3 of my little ones, but big brother was too busy chasing the seagulls and running from the waves to stop and pose for the camera. We had such a glorious time and loved our first trip to the beach as a family of 5 so much!

  • Perfect Age

    Perfect Age

    I know all too well that by summer time, our trips to the beach will be a bit more stressful and busy! By July and August, Hayden will be crawling around and will be fascinated with the sand, and putting handfuls of it in his mouth. This was truly the perfect age as a baby to take him to the beach because he was happy to just look around and sit in my lap the entire time.

  • Thanks For The Fun!

    Thanks For The Fun!

    We’re in for another chilly spell here in Southern California, so it may be a bit before we can head back to the beach on a warm sunny day. But we’ll be back, and in the mean time, thanks for the wonderful memories! Hayden loved his first trip to the beach so much!

By the time we head back to the beach this summer we’ll have to be a bit more prepared with things like swim diapers, lots of wipes and even baby food!  It was so enjoyable to be there this past weekend with nothing more than some toys, a diaper change and a blanket.  Thanks for the memories Pacific Ocean!  We’ll see you much more this summer!

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