Baby’s First Halloween

I kind of lost interest in Halloween once I stopped trick or treating fifteen years ago, but this year has been different since I have a round-faced babe to dress up as silly as I want to. The idea for Beck’s first costume came when we were out with a friend and she commented that his striped one-piece made him look like an old-time circus weight lifter. I took one look at him and pictured him with a mustache and I was sold.

The actual costume only took twenty minutes to put together. Here’s how I made the barbell so it wouldn’t be harmful to Beck –


First, I took a paper roll tube and cut it to make it smaller around. Then I put it back together with masking tape. I connected two, hollow plastic baseballs to the end with the tape then covered them with trimmed to size black tights. To finish it up, I recovered the handle with black and white striped washi tape. Beck didn’t let go of it all day. It’s his new favorite toy.

What did you dress your baby up as for their first Halloween?

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