Baby’s 5 Cutest Words

My baby is quickly approaching 20 months (who, me, panicking?!), and one of the greatest parts about her getting older is hearing her try on new words. What she chooses to say says a lot about who she is at this point in time. While her vocabulary is growing daily, these are my 5 favorites. Of the moment, that is.

  • Oopsies


    Whether she drops one of the five balls she’s carrying, trips and goes down, or intentionally throws half her dinner on the floor, this is her go-to response. It’s hilarious coming out of that itty bitty voice.

  • Baby


    While “baby” was her first word a long time ago, she stopped saying it rather quickly. Now she uses it for dolls, and the real thing. It’s bittersweet to realize that she notices babies and isn’t really one of them anymore.

  • Please


    When she want something, she’ll start with a whine, but we’ve taught her that won’t get her anywhere, so she quickly turns off the tantrum and sweetly replies with a please. Well, most of the time.

  • Yes


    There’s something about the “yeah” vs. “yes” that seems so casual and grown up, like she’s been talking forever. It’s said often and almost always with enthusiasm.

  • Music


    This little girl adores music and dancing and asks for it practically the second she wakes up. She runs over to the stereo remote and chants, “Myush, myush, myush!” You want music? “Yeah!”

What word is your baby mastering at the moment?

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