Baby’s 1st Word(s)

All of a sudden, in a matter of days…it would seem that my 14 month old baby girl is talking.

While it’s still mostly babbling and screeching (oh, the screeching), things are clearly taking a turn to speaking. For a while now she’s been saying mama and dada. Then there was hi!

Everyone, everywhere – gets a high-pitched hi! Friend or stranger, it doesn’t matter. Over the weekend she began to clearly pronounce three more words. Three words in particular, which tell me we’ve definitely got a feminine (albeit LOUD) little lady on our hands.

As if it weren’t enough that she points to all things frilly, frock-like and shiny, grunting with enthusiasm to wear it….she now says the words; pitty! (pretty), chewsz! (shoes) and beebee! (baby). All things which she currently obsesses over.

What were some of your baby’s first words?

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