Baby Z and Windy Road Trip Games

On a recent road trip through California, we had exhausted our resources to keep Zaynab entertained. Her sisters read books or worked on sewing projects. However, Baby Z just wriggled in her seat much of the time, completely uninterested in the toys I brought along to entertain her.

She napped a few hours and snacked every now and then. We also sang a few songs with her. At one point, someone opened their window and a huge gust of wind blew into the back seat. Zaynab giggled with delight. Hearing that precious little laugh and seeing that sweet smile was all we needed to turn it into a game. Soon we opened all the windows in the car. The car filled with wind and laughter!

  • Windy Games

    Windy Games

    Driving through California with all the windows rolled down, the car fills with wind and giggles.

  • Giggles


    Sheer delight from this unexpected fun windy game.

  • Blowing in the Wind

    Blowing in the Wind

    Zaynab’s soft, delicate hair was no match to the gusts of wind that twirled and swirled her hair around.

  • Waiting Game

    Waiting Game

    With all the windows rolled back up, Baby Z waits with anticipation for the next burst of wind. I think it’s time Z gets her bangs trimmed!

  • Breezy Beauty

    Breezy Beauty

    Trying to catch the wind that swirled all around her.

  • Smiling Eyes

    Smiling Eyes

    Between the gusty wind and her giggles, it was hard to keep her eyes open.


What silly games and tricks do you have to entertain your baby?


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