Is My Baby Ready for Potty Training?

Potty training is something that makes me both happy and scared. I look forward to saying good-bye to the diaper stage, not having to buy diapers, or worry about leaks. On the other hand, the actual transition and process of potty training seems daunting to me. Before I embark on the journey of potty training with my 23-month-old, I really want to know he’s ready. I don’t want to start too early and scare him away, something I believed happened with our older daughter. So, how do you know if your baby is ready to potty train?

Potty Training ToddlerSource: Jay Ryness/Flickr


Lots of people provide different advice regarding potty training. Some tell you to start early and introduce baby to the potty in order to get the idea going. Others tell you to wait for the signs that baby is ready to potty train. I personally believe you need the right combination of baby being ready to potty train and you being ready to potty train your toddler.

At the moment, my 23-month-old has begun showing signs he might be ready to potty train. He has shown an interest in the “potty”, says the word potty, and pretends to sit on the potty chair we have in the bathroom for him. A couple of times he’s also grabbed at his diaper when he felt it was getting wet. These minor signs of interest in potty training mean he’ll soon be ready, though he’s not quite there yet.

To encourage him and his interest in potty training, we purchased some Pull-Ups potty training diapers so that he can pull them on and off easier and sit on the potty chair. I figure even if he’s just pretending to potty because he’s mimicking his father or I, perhaps he’ll actually go potty while sitting there without wearing a diaper. That would be a welcome surprise for both my toddler and I!

What signs do you look for to know if your baby is ready to potty train?

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