Baby Paul, 5 Things I Love About You

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. And after dinner at our house tonight, we will be busy making valentines to hand out to classmates, and baking cookies for the class parties that will happen Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening we’ll watch a family movie together and I plan on making a big heart shaped pizza for dinner.

In addition to what I hope will be a quite evening home with the kids, they’ll each be getting a small love letter from me, their mother. A short and simple note, telling them each 5 things I adore about them.

after bath snuggles

Baby Paul, 5 things I adore about you:

  • You have amazing cuddle skills

    You have amazing cuddle skills

    I love with all my heart that you never push me away when I want a kiss or snuggle. You’re extremely content to sit on my lap for what feels like hours. I love it when you burrow your head into my chest, and tuck your arms under your little body. Morning snuggles with you before breakfast have become my favorite time of the day. Never stop wanting to be close to me, ok?

  • You leave no stone unturned

    You leave no stone unturned

    So much to do, so much to see! Paul, everyday is a new adventure to you, and the world is clearly your oyster. I love to watch you find your way, and witness you explore each and every corner. If there’s a cupboard to get into, or a closet left opened, you will scout it out. Baby, I’ll happily pick up every mess you make, just never stop exploring!

  • You go with the flow

    You go with the flow

    As a fourth child, I know we expect a lot from you when it comes to your schedule and flexibility. While many babies your age spend a lot of time doing baby things, we take you everywhere your older siblings need us to go. School pick-up, violin lessons and soccer practice, you’re my littlest sidekick. I adore that you are so easy-breezy, and have an awesome go-with-the-flow attitude.

  • You smile, and smile (and the smile some more)

    You smile, and smile (and the smile some more)

    From day one, you have been the happiest little guy I know! Sure, you have your moments (don’t we all), but with you there’s always a good reason. Your smile is contagious, and everyday I simply cannot get enough.

  • You love your sleep

    You love your sleep

    Baby Paul, you’ve been my best sleeper to-date. You go to bed early, and rarely rise before the sun. When we travel, you easily lay down wherever we find a place for you. In fact, I oftentimes find you crashed out in unexpected places, like next to your toys. I am so thankful that you love your beauty rest!

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