Baby Girl Names I’ve Said Goodbye To

With eight weeks left to go in this pregnancy, my husband and I are still scrambling a little to figure out what exactly to name this baby girl. We have a front-runner name, but neither of us are 100% certain it’s the ONE, so we’re brainstorming trying to see if there is anything we like better.

Baby girl

Of course, inevitably, one of us will stumble across a name we really like and the other one will immediately veto it.

Here are a few of the names I’d be more than happy to use that my husband has quickly crossed off the list, never to be discussed again.

  • Mercer. This is the one my husband was most willing to consider, but in the end, decided he couldn’t quite go for it.
  • Larken. Too bird-like? I don’t know what the objections specifically were on this one, but it got immediately shot down.
  • Ellis. This is probably my number one choice and then one I’m most sad to see crossed from the list.
  • Boston. Bart quite likes this one, but our first daughter was born in Boston, and he thinks it’d just be a little strange to name our Texas-born daughter that instead. Kind of like naming a child April when she’s born in October, I suppose.
  • Bronte. I love the literary connotations of this, but my sister-in-law’s name is extremely close to this one and my husband says it’s too close.
  • Cache. I think this one has such flair to it, even if it’s a little unusual.

Any names you’ve had to give up?

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