Baby’s First Haircut: Wait Until After First Birthday?

I’ve always known that as a parent you should wait until after your baby’s first birthday before giving baby his or her first haircut. I never heard a real reason why – it was just something I knew to be true from having heard so growing up. I believe it had something to do with letting the hair grow in fully and then giving it a trim to help remove some of the baby hair and let new hair grow. But, again, I’m not entirely sure. It was just a given and definitely something I followed with both of my children. But, does everyone wait until after the first birthday for baby’s first haircut?


Baby's First HaircutSource: Jody Morris/Flickr

I asked around and received responses ranging from “I cut their hair when it needed to be cut,” to “It’s an old wives tale – ‘they’ say their hair WILL NOT grow ever again [if cut before the first birthday].” Wow. That is a pretty drastic outcome if baby gets a haircut before his first birthday, don’t you think? Of course, I don’t believe that to be true, but it’s interesting to think about baby traditions and how and why parents follow the customs that they do.

A few moms also told me that they don’t cut their baby’s hair after the first birthday, but instead wait even longer. One mom said, “I like to hold onto the baby hair for as long as possible.” I can certainly understand that sentiment – baby’s hair is adorable and it’s hard to imagine getting rid of their cute baby hair! One mom even waited until after her son’s second birthday before cutting his hair for the first time and made it a truly magical experience by getting his first haircut at Walt Disney World’s Harmony Barber Shop. What a memory!

What about you – will you be waiting until after the first birthday for baby’s first haircut? Or did you?

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