Baby ECOS Stain and Odor Remover: Winning the Messy Fight

Somebody please assure me that yes, I am indeed living through the messiest (and stinkiest) phase of my children’s lives.

Between cloth diapering, learning how to self-feed, and all the moments in-between, this house and the people who live in it are perpetually in desperate need of a good cleanse and scrub.

But alas, my kids only take baths about twice a week (just keeping it real), although somehow my washer and dryer seem to run virtually¬† 24/7. Laundry day? IT’S EVERY DAY!

And if my momma taught me anything about keeping up with the chores and housework, it was to take stain removal very, very, seriously.

baby ECOS stain and odor remover

I was excited to find out that one of my favorite cleaning companies, ECOS recently launched a new baby-safe line, including an amazing stain and odor removal product.

I’ve been using for a few weeks now, and honestly I really love it! So why is it better than all the rest you ask? Let me count a few ways:

1. One bottle can be used in many different applications. Got an organic stain? Spray it on your clothes, carpets, upholstery, ect. Basically, almost anywhere around the house fabrics and soft textiles are found!

2. The formula is made out of safe plant-based ingredients, meaning that it’s non-toxic and safe for all creatures. Yes, I’m confidently spraying it in the home where my babies sleep, and my pets lounge.

3. The price point is nice, and the smell is swell. For a large 22oz bottle, it will set you back around $6.15. And you guys, the spray smells like lemon trees.

At the end of a very tiring day, all I want is what’s best for my family. I want to keep them clean, without compromising their well-being with harsh chemicals. The Baby ECOS stain and odor spray definitely is makes my job a tiny bit easier and less worrisome. It’s a must-have in my cleaning supply closet.

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