Sibling vs. Baby Defense Tactics

I once heard someone say their second baby was born waiting their turn, meaning that second babies seem to know that their older sibling was here first and they’re sometimes just going to have to wait a little bit longer to get the attention they need. Thankfully Vivi was born ready to wait and fully equipped to deal with a sister who loves her more than just about anything. Vivi currently weighs more than half of Addie’s body weight but that hasn’t stopped Addie from attempting to carry Vivi around like one of her baby dolls. Thankfully Vivi doesn’t really know the difference and puts up with the big bear hug carries from her big sister.

Sisters Playing

In the early weeks Addie wanted nothing more than to hold Vivi, it wasn’t until Vivi was able to hold her head up that Addie was really allowed to carry her around at all. In my memory Addie being able to easily carry Vivi lasted for about two days before Vivi bested Addie’s strength in both size and weight. Recently Vivi has developed her own defense tactics against her sister’s attempts at carrying her, one being an incredibly loud shriek that can be heard throughout the whole house. I see it as both a warning mechanism and a method of tattling. Regardless of what it is, it is loud and could easily cause hearing damage if an ear were too close when it went off.

Vivi’s second defense mechanism is similar to that of a turtle. She pulls all of her limbs in as she folds herself in half, making it nearly impossible to get a good grip on her. Even if Addie does manage to get her hands around her, Vivi is curled up into such a concentrated ball of baby she’s impossible to lift. Addie doesn’t yet realize what Vivi is doing and it’s funny to watch Vivi collapse and assume the curled up position when she’s had a little too much Addie-handling.

The sister defense tactics will continue to grow and evolve as these two little girls grow in their interests and levels of annoyance with each other (so right now I’m convinced they will always like each other and never grow tired of one another, go ahead, laugh at me experienced parents, let me enjoy my delusions.) and I’ll sit back and enjoy watching the two of them best each other daily.

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