Of Molars and Moaning

I could get involved in a pretty spirited debate over which babyhood difficulty is harder on me. On one hand, those early newborn days of crying, not sleeping and oh my what is wrong with the baby! are exhausting yet they are filled with tiny newborn snuggles and babies so little it’s unreal. On the other hand we have teething, specifically molars. Vivi is fourteen months and working on her top two molars which means she can turn from the happiest baby alive to the saddest, most inconsolable creature on the planet in the blink of an eye. Some babies breeze through teething while others literally cry and scream through the whole process, my babies are the other babies.

Teething is not handled gracefully by babies in our home, it is far more survival than right of passage.

Sad teething baby

I have been visiting my parents for the past week and they have absolutely delighted in how much fun Vivi is and has been. However, two days ago everything in her demeanor changed. I had told them what a wreck she was when she got her bottom molars and I’m not so sure they listened to me. “Oh sure, your baby is grumpy!” but now that they’ve seen first hand the overnight change that came from two little teeth working their way through? They’re singing a new song. Foods she loves are shunned, one wrong bite on an apple lands her in tears, and worst of all, a bump to the face is akin to skinning her alive.

We keep a supply of cold grapes and cherry tomatoes on hand as well as a cup of crushed ice in her hands at all times. She’s worn a Baltic amber necklace since 6 months and I believe in the power of them. She’s hungrier in the morning and pretty much hates food by dinner time. The hardest moments are when she begins crying for no apparent reason and nothing anyone does consoles her. Those little teeth still have a few days before they really make their way out and I’m prepped with extra patience and lots of love to get both of us through the experience.

Teething the second time around compared to the first time is pretty similar, but what each of my girls found relief in is completely different. Addie lived for cold metal spoons while Vivi loves her crushed ice and crunchy crackers. Addie popped all four molars out in one week while Vivi has spread it out over three weeks. I can still remember the misery of my wisdom teeth poking through and dude, I don’t envy my baby one little bit.

Do you have any special tricks for babies cutting molars in your home?

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