Sometimes Babies Know Just What You Need

After dealing with a pinched nerve for one week that affected my ability to function properly, I was frustrated to wake up with a sore throat and congestion the next Sunday morning. I was getting sick. Sure enough, the next morning I woke up feeling worse. I spent that Monday primarily laying on my couch, falling in and out of sleep and with a fever. The only problem was that I had my baby boy with me and no one to assist or watch him while my husband was at work. Somehow, though, my baby boy knew just what I needed for that day.

Baby Cuddling Stuffed Animal Source: Christian Scheja/Flickr


It’s amazing to me that sometimes our babies know just what we need. It seems like they know when you’re feeling down or sick and magically behave themselves. It’s happened to me on different occasions – not just with my boy, but with my older daughter too.

On this particular Monday last week, as I lay on the couch hoping to get through the day despite feeling sick, my son behaved unlike any other day. He did not throw any tantrums. He did not ask for a lot of attention. Instead, he accompanied me on the couch as he watched a little bit of TV or played quietly with his toys. I quietly thanked him for being such a good baby for mami.

Later that evening as my husband came home from work and asked how the day went, I remember distinctly telling him how he behaved so well and didn’t even fuss once, unlike our normal days at home. My husband completed my thought and said, “it’s like he knew he needed to lay low and be extra good for you, huh?” Yes, that’s exactly it.

Have you ever had a moment like this where it seems your baby knows just what you need?

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