Babies Bring Joy and Life to a Home

As I sit at my parents’ kitchen table, finishing up my dinner before heading home, I realize just how much noise is missing. My kids went home early with their father and the house sits in silence, for the most part. Sure, my parents and I are talking, but that background noise of the kids playing, laughing, talking to each other, and even the occasional scream, is all missing. It’s amazing how much of it I drown out on a regular basis, but when the kids are not around, it’s very evident how much life they bring to a house.

Child Playing with Kitchen Tools
Photo: D Sharon Pruitt


Due to a family situation, the kids and I have been spending every day at my parents’ house. While my attempt to be productive with two kids playing around me is nothing new, I’m now doing so at their house, and helping my parents with everyday tasks as well. My parents are in their 60s and the sound of young children in the house is one they normally only have about once a week when we visit. It’s also one you can tell they miss and love.

As I said, when my kids are around, it’s obvious they add energy to the household. My parents laugh, play, and generally are in good spirits when visiting with their grandchildren. Their pain seems to be forgotten and any boredom is gone. Whenever my daughter and son are not around, my mom says that “the house seems empty.” The same can be said for my own house. Though there are moments when my husband and I wish we could get our kids to be quiet, the fact is that their antics are what bring us the most joy. The majority of our laughter, fun, and playfulness is brought about by them. My husband and I are perfectly capable of having fun on our own and do enjoy each other’s company – don’t get me wrong. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that when I think back on the bulk of the times we laugh, they were caused by something our children did.

It’s hard not to laugh at the everyday silliness children portray and, in turn, inspire in you. Their laughter is contagious and their joy infectious. Babies really do add life to a house, don’t they?

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