Babies and How They Make the Holidays Magical

I’ve never really been all that into Christmas – not since I was a kid anyway. For some reason it just always felt like a stressful time filled with too many obligations and so many expenses. But then I had a baby…


This is the first year that I’ve gotten really excited for the holiday season. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday, but this year I found myself eagerly anticipating it, because it meant that Christmas was around the corner. Right away during this past weekend after Thanksgiving we headed out to get our tree – definitely early for us. There have been some years when we didn’t even get a tree, but this year I couldn’t wait to take Fern and see her excitement over having a tree inside and it didn’t disappoint.

I’m realizing that there’s just something magical about children during the holidays – even a young baby like mine who doesn’t totally get it yet – because they’re seeing everything through fresh eyes filled with wonder; a wonder that is often missing once we become adults. Christmas lights, holiday baking, playing in the snow – all of these things are so much more magical when enjoyed with a little one!

Has having children changed the way you feel about the holidays? How do you make holidays special with your little ones?

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