Animal Valentine Boxes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — time to pass out handmade valentines to school buddies and neighborhood pals. And nothing says “you’re my best friend” like an adorable monkey, kitten, or owl. And the best part? These printable valentine cards are also are a convenient little box. Stuff these with treats, crayons, or no-nonsense granola. 


Print onto an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper (heavy paper, like cardstock), cut, glue and stuff full of treats. Have your kids join in the fun by picking which animal to give each friend as well as helping cut and glue the boxes. On the back is a cute little saying with just enough room at the bottom for your child’s signature. Click for printables.

Photography by Sara Schmutz. You can see more Valentine Party ideas at Brittany’s blog One Charming Party

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