Meet River and Her Merry Men

She was born into a family grieving a lost baby girl, so already she had a magic air about her. Her next oldest sibling is a whopping 5 years older, the other two nearly 8 and 10, so she seems to have the dynamic of an only child. Her brothers have the oldest – middle child – baby down pat, then she comes in with nothing to prove, no competition, head strong and zen all at once. They are still oldest, middle, baby and fight and claw amongst themselves, but when River is there they soften. They find grace and gentleness even I didn’t know they had. River Promise is 9-months-old this week and is changing the family in a day-by-day, minute-by-minute fashion.

Baby girl with three brothersBaby eating fruit

She has Daddy wrapped around her teensy pinky and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is me if I wasn’t a neurotic spaz – imagine being an artist soul without the baggage? I hope (possibly, probably in vain) that she will never pick up any baggage and I adore seeing how she changes me, and each of the men in her life. Three older brothers, her merry band of men, are at her beck and call but never in a spoiled way. In just the way that you know she is irresistible and wouldn’t dream of not giving her what she needs.

Daddy and baby

We have spent the last decade plus moving around the country, from Los Angeles, to Chicago to Charleston but are back now in Phoenix where my husband and I grew up. We’re exploring life here as parents instead of twenty-something newlyweds and it’s been such an adventure already. We feel the energy from the mountains, adore the wide open spaces, and even have a fondness for the deserts stretching in every direction.

Mom and baby smiling

I’m a mom working at home and parenting while working and figuring out life while parenting and working. I somehow am in my mid 30’s and have 4 kids and have no idea when I became so grown up. If I had to put an event on it, I’d tell it you it was when I lost my first daughter at nearly 20 weeks in my pregnancy in 2010. If I had to put an age on it…well, it would definitely not be until after age 30. The journey of parenting feels like the blink of an eye, much like the first year with a baby. Let’s explore it all together, shall we?

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