An Unlikely Pair

As a mom of three kids, I’m no stranger to sibling dynamics. My oldest, “Big”, and his baby sister, “Pink”, have a very special, sweet relationship that I wrote about here. Big and my middle child, “Little”, have a wonderful brotherly love that means tackle hugs one minute and stomach punches the next. Little and Pink? Well, they’ve always been a bit more sour than sweet.

Don’t get me wrong. He adores her. Most of the time. And she thinks he’s the funniest person on earth. As long as there’s a 5-foot radius between them. But he’s young, and rowdy, and can be a bit much for his baby sister. In fact, we call Pink our Little Alarm. It’s not quiet for long before we hear a shriek, meaning he’s worked his way back into that oh-so tempting 5-foot radius.

Little & Pink

So, the other day when it was raining and Big was off at school, I wasn’t sure what we’d spend our morning doing. I got sidetracked doing breakfast dishes, and the next thing I knew, I found the two little ones having a tea party with all of Pink’s stuffed animals. (Though Little called it a “ketchup party” because that was much more manly — and Heinz-ly — in his eyes.)

As soon as that was done, they moved on to making very important calls to each other on old cell phones they use as toys. They were “chatting” and laughing. Just seeing the two of them play together, as close to equals as they’ve ever been, made me realize that they’re both maturing.

Little is slowly learning to control his impulse to rub Pink’s poor little head. Pink is slowly learning how to interact and play along. I can only hope that the two continue to find more bonding moments for years to come. (Maybe I should just do more housework to encourage it!)

What do you love about seeing your kids together?

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