An Overdue Introduction

Apparently, I was just too excited about birthday cake to properly introduce myself here.

Janssen's Family

I’m Janssen, and I live in Austin, TX with my husband, Bart, and our daughter, Ella. Come the end of November or early December, we’ll add another little girl to our family.

I am a former elementary school librarian and so it is probably no surprise that I love books of all kinds. My personal favorites are non-fiction and young adult fiction, but our house is also filled to the brink with picture books. If you know me in real life, we’ll probably only be able to talk for about five minutes before I start rambling on about what I’m reading and you will have to make up an excuse to get away.


I also love love love food and cooking, baking, hosting parties, and going out to eat are some of my favorite things in life. Happily, food is one of those things that is pretty easy to share with a child (when Ella ate Indian food and then begged for more before the age of one, it was one of my happiest moments. There may have been high-fiving between Bart and me – “cool” is not either of our middle names).

I write about books, food, and occasionally what I’m wearing at Everyday Reading. Although Ella gets some screen time over there, parenting has not been one of the main things I write about. You can only imagine how thrilled I am to share more about my life as a mother here, and hope you’ll enjoy the ride too!

Read more of Janssen’s writing at Everyday Reading and on Twitter.


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