Introducing Me & My Little Munchkins

Well hello there. Lil’ Abner, my sweet baby girl and Little Big Spirit Running – my toddler boy and I, are very pleased to virtually meet you all on this sweet little corner of the internets. I must admit to thinking we are pretty dang lucky to be amongst such stellar mommas (and pappas) and babes!

Me & My Brood

Of course those as introduced above aren’t my little ones’ real names, but they are each one of many nicknames they hold. This is Abigail Zhaawanong-Giizhigookwe Mills and yes, she is a ridicuously sweet little diva.

The Diva

She is also oh-so very pretty…
Lashes For Days
And her brother is her hero.
This, is my charming, rowdy, boy-wonder; Wyndham Niighanighijzik Tobias Mills.

The Sweetest

He specializes in hard-core cookie love…

Cookie Love

And mighty fine, afro-delic hair.

Rock-a-Billy Toddler

If you are wondering about their long and luxurious middle (spirit) names, you can read more about them here, and here.

This burly dude here is known as the mister, Big Daddy to the afore mentioned gorgeous babies. You can see where they get their good looks from, clearly. I might talk about him here from time to time, you know, since he’s a major part of our family and we’re all rather fond of him.

The Mister
Lastly, that’s me down there. I come from the land of many tribes, hockey, maple syrup, and mostly friendly people. I used to work in the non-profit world, but things have evolved creatively since becoming a mother. Now a writer/social media maven and full-time artisan, I don’t always win at the daily juggling act that is work, home, toddler wrangler, wife. I can’t wait to share stories about our journey together in the land of baby and toddler. I especially look forward to sharing all things DIY (for your babe and toddler), tips and tricks on how simplify the beautiful crazy that is motherhood.

The Momma (Me)
Also? I’m kind of a nerd, regularly silly and passionate about my family and community. Pleased to meet you!


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