An Afternoon at the Beach

It has been unseasonably warm here in San Francisco, and it would be a shame to waste the sunshine. So on Friday when a friend asked if we’d like to meet up for lunch and go to the beach, I said yes. We live quite close to the beach, but life often gets so busy that I forget that we could just walk down the street and be there. Even if we want to go for a short time, it’s no big deal, but it’s hard to remember that or make time for it. So it had been awhile since Elvie had been to the beach, and I’m not sure if she remembered it. She did, however, engage in her favorite beach activity once again, so some things must have seemed familiar. Flip through the photos to find out what Elvie loves to do at the beach that makes me cringe.

  • Just a couple of hours at the beach.

    Just a couple of hours at the beach.

    It’s still enough time to make some fun and make some memories.

  • "Wait, what did you set me down on?"

    Not only was the sand a bit gritty, but it was also a bit wet. Elvie wasn’t sure what to think at first.

  • "It feels okay on my fingers, I guess."

    She needed a little bit more time to think about it before she decided if she was having fun or not.

  • "Okay, I want to touch more of it."

    Sand is a tactile delight!

  • "Did you just say not to try eating it?"

    Elvie isn’t sure why I would mention that. Is it all those times at the park that she tasted sand and wood chips that tipped me off to her tendencies? Or the last time we were at the beach, when she still wasn’t eating food but enjoyed the flavor of sand immensely?

  • "That's good, just stand behind me."

    I’m not certain she put some in her mouth at this point, but I’m pretty sure she snuck some. Just to see if she still liked it, you know. Because last time? She LOVED it! Oh, dear.

  • "This IS fun!"

    She’s starting to get sandier.

  • "I found a shovel!"

    Which was apparently perfect for shoveling sand into her mouth. It looks like a giant spoon, so why not? Me saying no certainly wasn’t a good enough reason.

  • "If you're going to clean my tongue, at least let me stick it out for you."

    Cleaning the sand out of her mouth and off her tongue went okay, but she was not up for having the rest of her face cleaned.

  • "I'm a mess!"

    The more messy she got, the happier she was. The more handfuls of sand she tried to stuff into her mouth, the funnier she thought it was that I would try to prevent it. I know she’s not the first baby to eat sand and love it, so I just laughed with her. Oh, Elvie. You sure keep me on my toes.

  • Exhausted!


    She played so hard (at trying to eat sand despite my protests) that she fell asleep on the short walk home and didn’t wake when I laid her on the bed. We’ll be finding sand in our bed for weeks, I’m sure, regardless of how often I wash the sheets and blankets. But that’s okay. Our afternoon at the beach was worth it.

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