All I Want For Christmas Is You

This time last year I was not yet a parent. It’s strange to look back at my memories of our last Christmas, which doesn’t seem so very long ago, and have memories that don’t have our son in them. How could something so recent not include him when every aspect of our life now does? It’s strange. So now, one short trip around the sun later, I approach this Christmas with an entirely different perspective and as an entirely different person. This last year has been one of the most bittersweet of my life. It was full of hard adjustments and life lessons, a lot of growing up, and huge amounts of joy. My tiny family is full of imperfections. And full of love. And as my favorite holiday quickly approaches, I know more than ever that all I want for Christmas is already here…

  • The Star on Top

    The Star on Top

    My little star. Even looking at photos of him makes my heart hurt with love. How is it possible? I’m not entirely sure. But all I want for Christmas is already right here.

  • Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

    We needed a holiday portrait for our Christmas cards so we set up a quick photo booth and goofed off for the camera.

  • My Favorite

    My Favorite

    This is the photo we used for our cards. Because it’s our favorite. And I consider it completely hilarious.

  • Okay, Everyone Smile Now...

    Okay, Everyone Smile Now...

    This was as close to a “perfect” shot as we got. Oh well, this is us. Merry Happy Christmas!


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