Advice Needed: How Do You Tame Tangles?

After years of dealing with little boy tangles, I thought I was an expert. A great conditioning shampoo, a spray-in detangler, a soft brush. Other than having to chase them around the house as the “hair monster,” getting those knots out wasn’t too terrible.

Yeah, well, then I had a girl. Not only is her hair much longer, she also happens to sleep in that adorable head down, bum up baby position. But it makes for one doozy of a morning getting that hair brushed. (This picture was a good hair day.)

Pink tangles

We’re at the point now where she has accidental bangs because so much of her little hairs up front have broken when I’ve tried to comb her hair. I figure I can’t be alone.

What’s your secret to conquering tangles? Please, share!

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