Acting Her Age

Oh, the exciting vocabulary of a budding toddler. My little one is definitely figuring out exactly how to say exactly how she feels. (Whether I like it or not.) Now that she’s just weeks away from turning two, her vocabulary is bursting with new words.

Frankly, I’ve been pretty proud of “Pink”. I might (might) even prompt her in public in the hopes that she’ll impress others as much as she impresses me.

Pink mine

So the other day in Costco when a woman who hadn’t been next to us more than 10 seconds turned to me with a smile and said, “So she’s about two?” I answered (perhaps a bit smugly), “Well, she’s not even two yet. Still has another month to go!”

And then, she slapped me with a bit of harsh reality. “The ‘no’s and ‘mine’s were a dead giveaway.”

Well, it turns out your vocabulary doesn’t have to be big to show off your almost-twoness. No, it just has to include the frequent use of two very telling words.

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